Fire Starting System

Surtr is the hand-held fire starter that when operated ejects a lit pellet. The pellet stays lit in all weather conditions for several minutes. Surtr has four petroleum-pellets in a magazine to offer users an ability to start multiple fires. Surtr combines a steel-striker, magnesium-rod and combustible tinder to offer the better solution to creating fire.

Fire is an oxidizing chemical reaction that releases heat and light. Oxygen, fuel and heat are needed for fire to occur. Fuel reacts with oxygen to release heat during combustion. Surtr is the fire starter that can create lit fuel in one motion.

When you’re using a fire starter during a survival situation, you want to spend the least amount of time and energy. If you take too long or fail to start a fire, your survival could be in jeopardy. Surtr is the fire-starting solution. When your life depends on a reliable, fire-starting tool, have the best.


Surtr, LLC is a Kansas Startup

North West Kansas Economic Innovation Center Inc. has loaned Surtr, LLC its funds to secure intellectual property and to develop a prototype (link).

Surtr is Patent Pending with 26 Claims of Novelty Submitted to the USPTO.

Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) Wichita, KS is heavily involved in the development of Surtr, LLC (link).

Bill Ellison, SCORE Senior Mentor, provides hours of consideration every month.

Ken Smith, SCORE Chairperson, is guiding Parker to develop the marketing strategy.

Surtr, LLC is Owned and Operated by Parker Holterman (link).